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Empowering Social Entrepreneurs – Insights from TPM2 in Palermo, Italy

We are thrilled to share updates from the SENIMA project’s Transnational Project Meeting (TPM2) held in Palermo, Italy, on 13th-14th September 2022. The TPM2 brought together the consortium’s partners to discuss and strategize the implementation of the project’s objectives in promoting social entrepreneurship.

The TPM2 was hosted by PRISM Impresa Sociale Srl, one of the six partner organizations from Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Italy, and Poland. 

Key discussions during the meeting revolved around crucial project aspects, such as the Syllabus development, website enhancement, the certification process, and the dissemination strategy. One of the main highlights was the progress on the development of the SENIMA Syllabus, which encompasses four modules covering essential topics for social entrepreneurs:

  • Social Enterprises’ Business Models and Legal Forms
  • Innovation in the Social Sector
  • Financial Management for Social Enterprises
  • Governance and Social Enterprises

The consortium addressed the need to tailor the content to specific learner categories, ensuring a more personalized and impactful learning experience. To maintain visual coherence, the syllabus will adopt a consistent font across all published documentation, using “QUICK SAND.”

The SENIMA e-platform, designed by PCX, was presented during the meeting, with discussions focusing on enhancing the user experience. The platform will feature quizzes at the end of each slide to collect KPIs and assess the use of the e-platform. Additionally, a FAQ section will be added to address common queries and support users throughout their learning journey.

The TPM2 also saw a presentation by EUROCERT on the methodology to obtain the SENIMA Certification. The certification will be based on a pool of 30 questions per module, with learners required to achieve at least 70% correct answers to pass the exam. The certification will include a unique code that learners can add to their CVs for verification.

As the TPM2 concluded successfully, the project continues to make strides towards empowering social entrepreneurs and promoting sustainable business practices across Europe. The next stages will involve the finalization of PR1, translations into national languages, and further online meetings to enhance the e-platform and toolkit.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the SENIMA project, as we work together towards a more inclusive and sustainable future through social entrepreneurship!

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